About Me!


Hey there! My name is Samantha, but everyone just calls me Sam. Or, if you’re one of my roommates you call me “Mother of Dragons,” hahaha. I’m a plus-size woman living in a judgmental world. I’m will be starting my senior year in the fall at a small-ish liberal arts school in Naperville, IL called North Central College. Go Cards! I’m am a double major in Management and Marketing with a minor in Music. I’m very involved in my campus radio station, WONC FM89.1. Check it out! [Link below] At the station, I am currently the Programming Director and the Music Director. You can say I’m a pretty big deal there, haha. What else…umm…I work too much. I am attempting to lose weight and it’s actually working for once! So, yay! I sing in the women’s choir at NCC. I use to play rugby until I tore my ACL. I miss it dearly and I’m debating actually getting back into the game. But I need to get back in shape first.

I’m bossy and extremely sassy; but also loyal to the core. I can be the nicest person you ever met or I can make you wish you never met me, lol. I have an obsession with dragons, cats, and all things Game of Thrones. Hence why my roommates started calling me the “Mother of Dragons.” Also, because I realllllllyyyyyyyy want a pet bearded dragon. So, yeah. I think Maleficent is my spirit animal. Adele and Daenerys are my women. My favorite color is green. I love to ramble. I have tattoos and piercings. Yep. That’s about it.

I’m starting this blog for a couple reasons. A main one is to stop my rants on Facebook, haha. But I also have been really wanting to express my emotions and experiences in better ways. I want to feel like my words, stories, and experiences mean something and that someone can walk away feeling better about themselves. Or more informed. Or just seeing another side to an issue. Maybe even just getting to know me better and then understanding me a little better. I just want to add some good to the world and feel like, for once, my voice is heard and I can make a difference. Even if it’s a small one. If I change one person’s life or opinion, then that is enough.

Happy reading! :)♥


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